Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Colbert returns with a vengeance

"The Colbert Report" returned last night. And Stephen Colbert managed to do a decent show in spite of the writer's strike with some crafty moves.
His show opening introduction included all the usual words but stopped short to point up the missing writer's contributions.
The audience helped him, too, with an incredibly long ovation that he let continue and eventually stopped by personally going out into the audience and hugging people and telling them to sit down.
He commented on the writer's strike with a brilliant segment about how he hated unions, which led into "The Word." But there was no "Word" because the writers didn't write it. It was a commentary in his own subtle way that yes, he did need them.
One thing Stephen Colbert fans can apparently look forward to is more interviews. He interviewed authors Andrew Sullivan and Richard Freeman.
Sullivan talked about his recent magazine article on the Barack Obama candidacy. Freeman, who crossed a picket line to be on the show, talked about why unions are more viable. Colbert ended the interview by asking him if he was a member of a union. Freeman said he wasn't. End of discussion.
Colbert closed the show by telling the writers, "I'll see you in my dreams."
Maybe he's dreaming he doesn't need them. Stephen Colbert got through the first night.
But there could be many more tough nights to come.

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