Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Colbert vs. Stewart -- who's surviving the strike?

We've had a week's worth of new shows without the show's usual writers. The move by Jon Stewart to rename his program "A Daily Show" instead of "The Daily Show" was a great gesture and a novel way to salute the striking writers. Whether it was satirical or not we'll leave up to you. But Stewart's show has settled in and is moving along rather well. The new material has been relatively consistent - and funny.
On the other side, "The Colbert Report" is struggling. Host Stephen Colbert has been using more of the facial expressions than usual and filling a lot of time with such weak stunts as imitating Ellen DeGeneres' dancing in the audience (which he acknowledged was a good time stretcher) and lots of interviews. He clearly misses the writers. Has the emperor lost his clothes?

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